What we do

The Taoist Cultural Arts Association is a not-for-profit company which was established in 2003 and organizes Tai Chi classes and courses around the UK, overseas and online. We also teach related Taoist Arts, including Classical Chinese Medicine, traditional weapons styles, and self-defence training.

Tai Chi

The Association imparts Tai Chi, focusing on the Lee style as taught by Chee Soo. This practice involves slow, rhythmic movements to foster harmony between the mind and body. It emphasizes balance, flexibility, and internal energy, suitable for various age groups and enhancing mental clarity and physical health.


Qi Gong

Qi Gong at the Association revolves around life energy cultivation through breathing and movement exercises. These practices aim to boost vitality, strengthen the immune system, and encourage self-healing, integrating traditional Taoist philosophies for overall well-being and spiritual harmony.

Feng Shou Kung Fu

The Association teaches Feng Shou Kung Fu, a Taoist martial art blending practical self-defence techniques with Tai Chi and Qi Gong principles. It features fluidity and internal energy utilization, teaching strikes, throws, and joint locks in line with Taoist philosophy and Chee Soo’s teachings.


Traditional Weapons

The weapons curriculum includes traditional Taoist martial arts weapons like the sword, staff, fan, and silk. Training focuses on movement coordination, balance, and Qi extension through the weapon, integrating with Tai Chi and Feng Shou Kung Fu teachings and emphasizing harmony and fluidity.


Chinese Medicine and Health Arts

Chinese Medicine and Health Arts at the Association encompass Taoist principles and practices. This includes Chinese medicine diagnosis, understanding basic principles, the Chang Ming longevity natural foods diet, learning about energy meridians, principles of Qi in the body, and energy meridian massage. These teachings aim to balance body energies and promote health, covering Taoist internal alchemy for spiritual and physical well-being.


Each discipline offered by the Association contributes to a comprehensive approach towards health, martial arts, and spiritual growth, deeply rooted in the Lee style and Chee Soo’s teachings.