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Lee Style Taoist Arts

The Lee style is one of the oldest forms of Taoist training which was brought to the west in the 1930’s and it still embodies the traditional Taoist methods from before the modern era in China. Our style has maintained its independence from western philosophy and materialism and has not been mixed with techniques from elsewhere. We are the only Association in the world today still teaching the authentic and complete range of the Lee style Taoist Arts and following exactly the same syllabus as taught by Professor Chee Soo.

The main emphasis in Lee style T’ai Chi is on relaxation and health and it is based on Taoist philosophy.

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We run Lee Style T’ai Chi & Kung Fu classes all over the UK, find your nearest class

Weekend Courses

Day courses held at various locations around the UK in T’ai Chi & Kung Fu

Courses in Cornwall

Week long courses at Easter and in the Summer in T’ai Chi, Kung Fu & Anmo: Health & Massage


T’ai Chi and chronic pain – ITV Tonight documentary

An ITN film crew came to our Summer Course in Cornwall this year to film us warming up on the beach at Sennen Cove.  Our group was featured as part of a documentary about the over use of prescribed opioid painkillers and the horrifying side effects from addiction. Last year the NHS spent £350 million […]

New clubs and new courses

Professor Mick Mangan is setting up a new club in Bristol. If you are interested in attending the Bristol club or you know of a likely venue you can find it in our directory of classes and send him a message via the contact form. Jane Arthur will be setting up a new club in […]

Sticky hands

Sticky hands is one of the most challenging and problematic, but ultimately one of the most fascinating and rewarding aspects of Lee style T’ai Chi training. Yoga, meditation and Qigong classes tend to concentrate exclusively on solo exercises, but one of the great strengths of T’ai Chi is that it has this interactive element. Chee […]

Tai Chi Elements

Online T’ai Chi Training

We’ve used the latest motion capture technology and a 3D games engine to bring the benefits of a T’ai Chi class into your own home.

It’s a valuable resource for anyone attending our classes but it will also be suitable for people who don’t have access to a T’ai Chi teacher locally.

So that you can get proper feedback there will be fully qualified T’ai Chi masters on hand to give you advice and guide your progress. You can upload videos of your own training for assessment to measure your progress just like in a real T’ai Chi class. You can train any time of the day or night and as often as you like, you don’t have to wait for your weekly T’ai Chi session, and you can make contact with T’ai Chi students and experienced teachers from all over the world.

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