• Finding Balance in a Fast-Paced World

    Finding Balance in a Fast-Paced World

    Tai Chi, a graceful and fluid practice originating from ancient China, has captivated people across the world for centuries. Often described as “meditation in motion,” Tai Chi is a low-impact exercise that combines slow, deliberate movements with deep, mindful breathing. This unique combination helps to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit, promoting overall well-being and…

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    General Questions 1. What is Tai Chi? Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art and a gentle internal style of exercise that combines slow, flowing movements, deep breathing, and meditation. 2. What are the benefits of practicing Tai Chi? Practicing Tai Chi can enhance balance, flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular health while reducing stress, anxiety, and…

  • Yuan Shen – original spirit

    Yuan Shen – original spirit

    The painting by Ming Dynasty artist Guo Shu (c1500) depicts Fuxi, a God-like figure from China’s creation myths. Fuxi is portrayed wearing a coat and skirt made of animal furs and leaves, with dark skin and unusual protuberances on his head, indicating that he existed at the dawn of human civilization. He holds a twig…

  • Immunity


    Why do some people seem to be able to weather any storm without getting sick, while others fall prey to even the slightest sniffle? The answer lies in our immune system, which can be weakened or strengthened. What can we do to aid the body in its fight against external pathogenic factors? Traditional methods like…

  • What is Tai Chi?

    What is Tai Chi?

    Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice that has become increasingly popular all over the world in recent years. This practice has been known to improve health, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. It is a form of martial arts that focuses on gentle movements, deep breathing, and meditation. In this blog post, we will explore…

  • Finding your Qi

    Finding your Qi

    For many Westerners, the concept of qi (气) can be difficult to grasp. Qi is not a familiar term to most English speakers for example and does not have a direct translation from Chinese. In actual fact, the term is not even defined in Chinese which is a language whereby meaning comes largely by associations…

  • Wuwei


    Wuwei, a concept deeply rooted in Taoist philosophy, holds a significant place in the practice of Tai Chi. Often translated as “non-action,” it is more about acting without resistance or forcing natural processes. The concept of wuwei involves being present in the moment and responding appropriately to situations without interfering with their natural course. It…

  • Sticky hands

    Sticky hands

    One of the key components of Tai Chi is “sticky hands,” also known as “yifu shou.” Sticky hands is a partner exercise that teaches students how to respond to an opponent’s movements and develop sensitivity in their hands and arms. In this blog post, we will explore the art of yifu shou in Tai Chi…

  • Top ten reasons to take up Tai Chi

    Top ten reasons to take up Tai Chi

    Tai Chi, also known as Tai Chi Chuan, is a Chinese martial art that has been practiced for centuries. It is a slow, gentle, and meditative practice that is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Tai Chi is known to have numerous benefits for both physical and mental health. In this article,…

  • BBC radio interview

    BBC radio interview

    Chris and James from Cornwall Tai Chi clubs were invited to visit BBC radio Cornwall in Truro last night to talk to Tiffany Truscott about their experiences with Tai Chi. Chris was taught by Chee Soo at the Leamington and Coventry clubs and first taught Tai Chi for the University of Warwick students Union in…

  • The Science of Tai Chi: Research and Evidence

    The Science of Tai Chi: Research and Evidence

    Tai Chi is a martial art that has gained immense popularity across the world. This soft internal style martial art is known for its low-impact, meditative practice that offers physical, mental, and emotional benefits. In this blog post, we will explore the science of Tai Chi and examine the research and evidence that supports the…

  • A new Tai Chi club coming to Cardiff

    A new Tai Chi club coming to Cardiff

    Nigel Bleach is opening a new Tai Chi club in the heart of Cardiff.Wednesdays 6-7:30pm from 1st March 2023.Tredegar Room, Old Library, Singleton Road, Cardiff. CF24 2ET Enquiries